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CBM Helper

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Cognitive Bias Modification allows individuals to improve their unconscious decision making processes. The CBM Helper tool has been designed to give people the opportunity to apply this methodology in an easy to use way.How To Use The App
When a user presses the PLAY button they are presented with a grid of images, their task is to identify and touch the most positive image as quickly as possible. They are then presented with a new set of images and the process repeats until the timer expires.
The application will allow the user to alter their natural bias and look for more favourable outcomes.
Cognitive Bias Modification (CBM) helps patients to make better choices at an unconscious level by increasing their ability to automatically identify a more positive outcome. By continual practice over time the patient becomes more predisposed to finding the good things in life rather than searching out negativity.
Just as when we buy a new car and subsequently see everyone driving them, a persons brain is wired to look for a particular set of stimuli. For example, people who are highly negative and suffering from stress are often looking for the worst case scenario or 'catastrophizing'; these individuals are constantly watching for, and processing possible instigators of disaster.
CBM works by having the patient consciously look for the positives, to find the silver lining in the clouds, in a controlled manner. Over time this help realign the unconscious processes along more positive and productive lines, and eventually will allow the patient to automatically evaluate situations with greater balance.
Cognitive Bias Modification has been found to be an effective exercise for individuals suffering from anxiety based disorders such as Stress, Depression and PTSD.